Important message to all planning a wedding at Christ Church or the Chapel of the Transfiguration – please contact the priest-in-charge if you are not already in regular contact with him.  Premarital counseling and other requirements are necessary beforehand beginning at least 4 months before any proposed wedding date/ceremony.

If you are interested in exploring either Christ Church in North Conway or the Chapel of the Transfiguration at Bretton Woods as a wedding site, please contact the Priest-in-Charge, the Rev. Richard Belshaw ( or leave a message on the office telephone (603-356-2062). Keep in mind that the office is occupied on a part time basis and your call may not be heard right away.

We welcome all inquiries! All marriages must conform to the Episcopal Church’s canonically required regulations: pre-marital counseling which may take a number of sessions (to be determined by the officiating minister) and permission from the bishop of New Hampshire if one of the persons getting married was previously divorced and seeks to be remarried by an Episcopal minister. At least one of the couple planning marriage must be baptized in the Christian church. Out of state Episcopal ministers need written permission from the bishop to officiate. Clergy of other denominations hoping to do the same must demonstrate that they are members in good standing in their respective denominations. Persons not ordained to the priesthood but licensed to officiate and perform weddings of a secular nature may assist in a marriage ceremony with a member of the clergy officiating.

Please especially note the necessity of advanced planning and scheduling as well as fees for use of the church (payable in installments) the minister officiating (payable at the time of the wedding), and if one so chooses, the employ of the parish organist (for weddings at Bretton Woods, a mobile keyboard will be used as the chapel does not maintain a working organ). A license application must be completed in any state town (usually at the town clerk’s office) ahead of time and signed by the officiating clergy person prior to the wedding ceremony, with that clergy person then charged with returning the signed original to the office of issuance (this is regardless of where the engaged couple maintains a place of residence). The officiant cannot perform the ceremony without first signing the state license application. Finally, all marriage ceremonies in either church are recorded in the Christ Church, North Conway historical registers.